Gender-Critical Resources

Websites and Blogs


-‘The End of Gender- Revolution Not Reform’ – Deep Green Resistance –

-‘On Contact- Female Erasure with Mya Dillard Smith and Mary Lou Singleton- RT News

‘Women- Decide for Yourselves’

Youtube Channels

Magdalen Berns –

Julia Long –

Rya Jones –

Sly V –

Peach Yoghurt –

Carey Callahan –

Charlie Rae-

Cari Stella –

Crash Chaos Cats –

Casey Jean C-


Female Erasure: What You Need To Know About Gender Politics War on Woman, the Female Sex and Human Rights Anthology edited by Ruth Barrett –

Delusions of Gender Cordelia Fine

Gender Hurts Shelia Jeffries

Unpacking Queer Politics Shelia Jeffries

Kill All Normies. Online Culture Wars From 4Chan And Tumblr To Trump And The Alt-Right Angela Nagle


Download FREE PDFs of all yr favourites at the online Radfem Library! –



Womans Place UK –



‘Sex Matters’  Kiri Tucks –

‘The differences between Mainstream and Radical Feminism’ Charles Rae

‘Disappearing Lesbians and the need to preserve Dyke Culture”  Bonnie J Morris –

Synanon, The Brainwashing ‘Game’ And Modern Transgender Activism Jen Smith

‘The Transgender bathroom debate is Rape Culture in Action’ Alicen Grey






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